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326 lugs (M12x1.25)large


Image of 326 lugs (M12x1.25)large Image of 326 lugs (M12x1.25)large Image of 326 lugs (M12x1.25)large

326 style
Made of High Quality Aluminum.
M12x1.5mm Thead Pitch
20 Pcs, and 90mm Length
- Materials: Made Of High Quality Light Weight Billet Aluminum
-Threaded to 12X1.5mm
-90mm long and 20mm wide.
- Please check the size of nuts on your wheels before buying.
- Installation instructions not included,professional installation is highly recommended.
-Manual installation recommended, impact wrench may cause damage.
- Made to fit many Aftermarket Wheels and OEM Alloy Wheels. Fit For Most Tuner Wheels And Some Stock Wheels With Acorn, Conical, Or Tapered Seats.

Set of 20 Aluminum Spiked Lug Nuts (Size M12x1.5)

We don’t keep instock at the moment these are dropped shipped from the factory .
(No refund)